Adopt a dog at distance and you will save two lives!

When you adopt at distance a ROLDA dog, you are saving two lives, not just one. Please remember: Don’t shop, adopt! Every successful adoption at distance, every new dog’sponsor, means that another animal is rescued from the streets. Some people say that “street dogs” are mongrels, unmanageable, and not to be trusted. So why adopt a former stray and not a pure breed dog…click here to learn?

In our many years of experience, we can say with absolute conviction, that generalizations like the one above are wholly unfounded. Each dog, like each of us, is unique, and the product of our life experiences, and our individual character. ROLDA carefully assesses every one of our dogs to understand their behavior before we promote them for adoption. Regardless of breeding or background, no dog (or any other animal) can come with a “guarantee”.


That said, we have had many hundreds of successful adoptions, in many countries internationally. Rescued dogs often prove to be even more loyal and more loving than any puppy bought from a breeder. Perhaps they understand better than we know that they are one of a very few street dogs that ever get a second chance. So many of their pack are left to suffer and perish on in the dumps and alleys.

Please visit our Testimonials page to read for yourself the hundreds of lifelong, loving relationships have been made possible with your support. You may very well be convinced that you need a ROLDA dog yourself (we knew that already!) And we have hundreds of healthy, well-socialized, deserving dogs waiting so patiently for you to find them. Have a look:

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If I include ROLDA in my Will do I need to let you know?

It is your decision; however by letting us know about your gift you will help us plan better for the future. If you would like to let us know of your decision to include ROLDA in your Will, please email us at

Can I say where I want my gift to be used?

Legacies provide ROLDA with vital funds for long-term planning and development. Leaving a legacy to a specific type of work or location might mean that we cannot fulfill your wishes if we are no longer doing that specific work or in a specific area in the future. Keeping your gift for general purposes enables ROLDA to use it where the need is the greatest at the time.

Do I need assistance to write a Will?

We suggest you use the services of a solicitor or trustee company to ensure your Will is legally sound. A solicitor can also advise you on matters such as guardians, asset valuation and power of attorney.

What are correct wording for my Will?

Below is the correct wording for including ROLDA in your Will or in a Codicil (a simple addition to your existing Will):
“I give to ROLDA (ABN 38 420 396 060)
1. The rest and residue of my Estate (or)
2. _____ percent of my Estate (or)
3. _____ percent of the residue of my Estate (or)
4. The sum of $ _________
free of all duties and testamentary expenses to ROLDA for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of that organization shall be sufficient discharge to my executors for this bequest.”

How do I prepare my Will?

The most vital part of having a Will is to ensure it is valid. So it’s a good idea to seek legal advice. Having a solicitor or trustee company assist you in writing your Will can help ensure the required legal processes are followed, in line with your wishes. When writing your Will it’s important that you consider the needs of your family and dependents, and let them know about decisions that affect them – including if you decide to leave a gift to ROLDA.

Can my gift be confidential?

Of course – all information you give to us is strictly confidential. Any information supplied to ROLDA is protected by the Privacy Policy which can be viewed on ROLDA website

How can I be sure my money will reach the children who need it?

All donations to ROLDA go directly to where they are needed most, to protect the most abused, sick and vulnerable animals but also the environment (e.g. protect the virgin forests against illegal logging). This is ROLDA’s commitment to our donors and to the animals that need our support. Administration and fundraising costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

When is the right time to write a Will?

If you do not have a Will, it is advisable to write one as soon as possible. It is also important to update your Will when your circumstances change – for example if you get married, have children or buy property.

How do I leave a gift to ROLDA in my Will?

Leaving a gift to ROLDA in your Will is a way that you can make a life-changing difference for tomorrow’s dogs (or other abused animals) and realize your vision for a better world. If you include ROLDA in your Will, it is important to ensure that the wording is legally correct. You may want to talk to your solicitor or trustee, as well as one of ROLDA team member.

Why is having a Will so important?

Everyone should have a Will. It ensures that the distribution of your assets is carried out in the way you want and provides for the people and issues you care about.