06 May

Appeal for a rescue van


Help Keep ROLDA on the Road!

The fate of Romania’s abused street dogs is in your hands. We are asking for your urgent assistance.

Recently, ROLDA’s transport vehicle was involved in a serious accident. The van that we use every day to collect, rescue and transport abandoned and abused street dogs was completely destroyed when a truck veered into our lane and collided with our vehicle. Our driver Vasile – a ROLDA team member – suffered lesions to one hand and was hospitalized. Thankfully though, no other team members and no animals were injured in the crash.

But now, we are at a standstill and our critical work to save Romania’s homeless dogs cannot continue without your urgent help. ROLDA simply cannot conduct rescue missions without a vehicle that will enable us to transport dogs to the vet clinic or back to safety at our shelters.

Let me reiterate, our van cannot be salvaged. And although we carry the required insurance, in Romania compulsory insurance is usable only if the person at fault was the driver. Our driver was not at fault. The truck driver caused the accident. A police investigation found that he was not a registered truck driver and, even more worrying, the back breaks of the truck were inoperable. It was only a matter of time before an accident occurred and we are very fortunate that no one was killed by this man’s negligence. Sadly, Romanian roads are not always safe and all we can do now is take the driver to court. As a not-for-profit we cannot afford to do this when even if he is convicted, our organization is unlikely to receive a payout. While we would like to see justice done and this irresponsible person punished, none of this will bring relief to Romania’s homeless dogs. Only you can help us get back on the road.

If you care about animal welfare, volunteer at your local shelter, or watch Animal Planet from time to time, you will be aware of how how essential it is for a charity like ROLDA to have a rescue van.

Let us share with you the story of the last dog we rescued before this horrific accident. This little guy is Lace. Our intervention saved Lace from certain death and without our van he most certainly would not be with us today. Lace accidentally caught his leg in barbed wire and by the time we found him, it was severely infected. If our team had not been able to transport him to the vet for emergency surgery, the infection would have become systemic and he would not have survived.

We need your help now more than ever! These animals depend on us!

A replacement van will cost just over 9,000 EUR. Swiss Animal Protection provided a grant of 4,000 EUR. We have also received support from generous private donors like Michele from Switzerland. We are already one third of the way there, but we need your help to meet the full cost so that we can get back on the road and back to our important work.

It’s not a huge amount but as this is an unexpected expense, we cannot cover it within our tight budget without comprising essential services. We hope you will understand that this is a situation that nobody wanted, planned or wished to happen, but there is a solution.

We just need you to be part of it!

Donations can be safely received in Australia to:
Account Number 468666123
BSB 112-879
St George Bank
Bank address: William St, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324