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Faraon wisdom

Faraon at ROLDA

ROLDA cares for Romania’s Abandoned Dogs

Look into his eyes. What do you see?

You see hunger. You see the wasteland where he was born with no one to care for him. You see the wooden plank crashing down over his nose as he is beaten; the angry faces driving him away from the garbage where he has been scavenging for scraps in the bitter cold.

Look closer. Don’t look away.

You will see the fear as the speeding car careers down the road, too quickly for him to escape. You will feel the searing pain as the bumper connects with his leg, breaking it, his shock as the car speeds over his broken limb, disappearing into the cold night.

Finally, you will witness the terror as he is bundled into a small van. Two unfamiliar people tell him to be calm, that the pain is over, that he is safe. But he has learned that humans cannot be trusted. He cries out, tries to run, but his leg is destroyed and they are too quick.

Imagine his relief at arriving a sanctuary where he will be cared for, his wounds treated, and slowly, his heart mended. Because he is one of the ones that we could save. But there are many more like him and they need us. To help him, we need you!

If you would not tolerate the abuse of a defenseless child, then ask yourself if you can tolerate the ceaseless violence and suffering of this defenseless animal. If the answer is no, then keep reading, because you can be part of a sustainable, humane solution to the plight of Romania’s street dogs.

Abandoned, stray or abused dogs struggle to survive in terrible conditions. Those animals that are fortunate enough to be rescued cannot always rely on their rescuers. Unfortunately, many animal shelters euthanize otherwise healthy dogs within fourteen days if they are not claimed by an owner or adopted by a member of the public. Researchers estimate that there are up to 2.5 million abandoned or stray dogs living in Romania. Those that manage in harsh conditions can look forward to difficult lives of deprivation and suffering. Luckily, hardworking animal rights activists from ROLDA are working day and night to protect, shelter and source sponsorship and adoption for these beautiful creatures.

ROLDA is one of the only shelters that offers a permanent, safe and secure home for animals that have not been adopted, offering them open space to roam and play and safety from the world outside. You can help ROLDA in their ambitious mission to protect all of Romania’s abandoned and neglected dogs in two ways.

Firstly, you can sponsor one of our beautiful, friendly and good-natured dogs. Each one of our dogs has gone through a rehabilitation program to rebuild their trust in humans and is looking for a loving owner. If you cannot sponsor a dog just now, then you can also help us in our important work by making a donation and joining our newsletter to keep up with the important work we are doing. Put frankly, many of the dogs we have saved are lucky to be alive. Every time a member of the public adopts a dog that has been saved and rehabilitated by ROLDA, two lives are changed. The adopted dog finds a new home and leaves the shelter, in the care of their new owner and this opens us a space for another abandoned or stray dog who we can then accommodate in the shelter, rehabilitate and hopefully place in a new home. If you are able to adopt one of our dogs then you are contributing to the humane treatment and rehabilitation of many animals, not just one.

So that you can witness the impact of our work, we would like you to meet one of our rescued dogs. This is Faraon.


We don’t know what happened to Faraon while he lived on the streets, but when he was rescued, he was hungry, frightened and weak. Having spent most of his life on the streets, scavenging for food, his daily life was an intense struggle to survive. Without an owner or proper veterinary care, Faraon came to us malnourished and limping from a badly broken leg that had not been looked at, cleaned or bandaged. We think he must have been hit by a car while living on the streets.

When he arrived at the shelter he was terrified of humans. Like many of our rescued dogs, he was afraid of people and avoided them. But we helped him through months of rehabilitation and now he is playful and relaxed around people. Now that he is safe at the ROLDA shelter, Faraon can look forward to a peaceful life. Like our other rescued dogs, he is given nutritious food, shelter, and regular exercise. He is free to move around and is not caged. He has made friends with many of our other dogs. As one of our oldest dogs, Faraon has watched many of his friends go on to new homes with loving owners who will love and care for them. Although Faraon may be too old to be adopted, he is fine with that, because he knows that he has a permanent home with us.

True stories like Faraon’s illustrate the pioneering, humane work that ROLDA is doing every day to give abused, neglected, sick and older dogs a second chance at a happy, safe and healthy life. Dogs are housed and cared for in two shelters where ROLDA takes care of seven hundred dogs just like Faraon. These animals deserve kindness, dignity and care but we rely on your help to make sure that no animal is subjected to cruelty or killed unnecessarily. So if you are looking to support animal welfare and partner with us to ensure the safely and humane treatment of dogs like Faraon, sponsor one of our dogs, adopt if you can and join our mailing list to stay in touch. These animals don’t have a voice, but they can have safe, happy lives with your help and support.

Check our sponsorship page for other furry friends who need your help. Every contribution counts and we offer sponsorship packages for those who can give a little more. Visit Faraon and his friends and learn how you can save a dog’s life today!

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