31 May

Find a dog

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Let ROLDA help you find the dog you’ve been looking for!

We provide shelter for 700 dogs that we’ve rescued from the streets of Romania, where 2.5 million dogs are still homeless.

This dramatic stray population has been a growing and troublesome problem in Romania for many years. In 2013, the Romanian government passed a law to kill the entire stray population, including dogs held in public shelters.
Protests have formed across the country, but they’ve had no effect in changing the government’s decision.


ROLDA is their only hope. But we need your help. Without your support, we cannot continue to rescue street and shelter dogs from slaughter.

Click here to visit ROLDA Best Dogs webpage today to find out how you can help from Australia.

When you sponsor, donate, send a gift, or volunteer, you are helping ROLDA save dogs from death.

I’d love to join your family! And as I’m Thousand Miles Away, I give you a Thousand Ways to Help Me and All the Lovable Dogs Next To Me!

Philip is a lucky dog indeed who was adopted by Lolita in Switzerland.
Your generous support helps us to rescue, shelter, heal, feed, rehabilitate, sterilize, and vaccinate hundreds of dogs each year.

You can find a dog at ROLDA that has been saved and given another chance at life. You can make it forget the suffering it experienced while living on the streets, and you can feel good knowing it can no longer be harmed.

Finding a dog that will make you happy has never been easier!

Just go to our website and browse through the hundreds of dogs we have rescued so far. And if you’re not ready to sponsor, you can still make a difference by sending a small gift, or volunteering or simply sharing the website link with your friends.

Remember, these helpless dogs are being hunted and slaughtered every day while they struggle to find food and shelter on the streets.

We need your help to find these dogs before the government does!
That is why your compassionate support is important now!

Most of these dogs won’t live to see tomorrow … unless we help them today!
You can help them find their way to our ROLDA shelters where they will receive food, bedding, heating, medical care, vaccinations, sterilization, rehabilitation, friendship, kindness, love, and an opportunity to become adopted.

Go to sponsoradog.ro and give Romanian street dogs the chance to experience a good life.

P.S. We need as much help as possible. Remember there are 2.5 million strays in Romania. We are up against difficult odds, but not impossible. Philip is one example. Tell your family and friends about ROLDA and how they can help save these poor hunted dogs from death.

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