31 May

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dog in PS

He is one of the 2.5 million Romanian homeless dogs that deserve to be rehomed into a loving family. But he has 14 days more to live.
Unlike the hundreds of public shelters across the country, ROLDA is one of the few private shelter that provides responsible quality care to all the dogs it rescues.

But we are just 1 against hundreds of these public shelters where the conditions are filthy, inhumane, overcrowded, ignorant and irresponsible.
ALL the dogs in these shelters are abused, tortured, neglected, and brutally killed if they are not claimed by their owner.

Click here to read about how we stopped the dog catchers

No More Time – Help Us Now!


ROLDA needs your help to save these poor dogs from these horrific “death camps” where they are treated like garbage.
You can support ROLDA’s mission by sponsoring one of our dogs. Just visit us at sponsoradog.ro to choose your new friend today!
No dog deserves to be placed in these “death camps” to suffer!

ROLDA responsibly campaigns to shut down these places until they are properly renovated to meet the legal requirements.

ROLDA is a leader and model of humane dog shelters that are dedicated to:

Our small shelters depend largely on the support of foreign countries like Australia to continue to operate. Unfortunately, Romania is a poor country where most of the population cannot afford to help us or own pets.
We are the only shelter of its kind in the country. We are located in a desolate industrial region in Galati where 20,000 homeless dogs struggle to survive every day.

Without us the homeless/abandoned dogs would never have a chance to be rehomed with a loving family.


14 days pass quickly and when these end, the dog live ends as well.

If your home is full at the moment, there are still many ways you can help our rehoming mission. Just go to sponsoradog.ro to discover all the ways you can help the Romanian dogs.
Your compassionate support will ensure that ROLDA is always there to fight for the Romanian homeless/abandoned dogs.
If we’re not around, these poor dogs will continue to be alone!

Go to donation page and help ROLDA stay active in rescuing dogs.

P.S. You can also help ROLDA protest the poor conditions of Romanian public shelters. Just go to help.rolda.org to learn how you can help. And don’t forget to encourage you friends and family to join the fight. Sharing this article with them requires a minimum effort but generates a maximal impact!