12 May

New shelter

Urgent: new animal shelter needed for homeless dogs in Galati

Every day thousands of dogs die slow, miserable deaths in Galati, Romania. Sadly, the Romanian authorities are failing to deal with the ever-increasing number of homeless, abused, and abandoned animals on our streets. Their solution? Mass executions of unwanted pets. Or imprisoning dogs in filthy cages and starving them to the point where they feed on one another.


ROLDA (Romanian League in Defense of Animals) is dedicated to providing humane solutions to the problems of pet overpopulation. We rescue and rehome as many dogs as we can, as well as running education and sterilization programs. But we need your help to do more.


Together, we can build a new shelter for the many homeless animals in Galati.


ROLDA’s new animal shelter will also be an adoption center. We have so many beautiful dogs that would make fantastic pets. Our dream is to see all of them adopted – either here in Romania or abroad – to responsible caregivers who understand that pet ownership is a commitment and a privilege and will keep their new dogs safe.


Dogs that are ready to be adopted into new homes will be housed separately from dogs that are still being rehabilitated and learning to trust again. Not only will this reduce the stress on all the dogs, it will also provide a proper environment where people can meet and greet the dogs they want to adopt.


Charitable organizations face many financial struggles and intense competition for funding. But rescue work is a full-time job for ROLDA and we are determined to save as many dogs as we can.


Please donate to help us build our desperately needed animal shelter. Your donation will not be wasted.


The new animal shelter in Galati will cover a community of 250,000 people. There are approximately 20,000 dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys in this area. Far too many of these animals are abandoned, unsterilized, and unwanted.


Although our main focus to date has been on the plight of dogs in our city, we want to be able to help as many other animals as we can, including those who have been abandoned in rural areas. That’s why the new shelter will also have indoor and outdoor spaces for rescued cats, as well as two rescue units for abandoned horses and donkeys.


We are also committed to making our new shelter environmentally friendly. The entire facility will be built using recyclable, waterproof and fireproof materials.


The estimated cost to build the new shelter is 300,000 EUR. But with your contribution, we can raise this money and make a real difference to the lives of so many animals in Galati.

This is what we can build together!

Make a secure donation from anywhere in the world via PayPal today. (You don’t need a PayPal account.)
You can also help our important cause by sponsoring a dog (see the dogs needing a sponsor here)


Donate by internet banking or at your local bank branch to:

ACC: 468666123
BSB: 112-879
St George Bank
William St, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324


The homeless animals of Romania thank you for your support!

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