04 Apr

Protect the whales

Australia waters are home for 45 species of whales and dolphins. The protection of these species represent a priority for the Australian Government, as it is stated on their official website http://www.environment.gov.au/

Five whale species are currently listed under the EPBC Act as nationally threatened:

  • blue whale (endangered)
  • southern right whale (endangered)
  • sei whale (vulnerable)
  • fin whale (vulnerable)
  • humpback whale (vulnerable)

And what are the real threats?

  • habitat loss;
  • habitat degradation;
  • toxic pollution;
  • underwater disturbances from ships, oil and gas operations and military exercises;
  • oil and gas extraction;
  • the impacts of climate change.


ROLDA created a petition to put an end on Japan’s scientific whaling program and to make the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary a real sanctuary.

ROLDA protests against Japan, Iceland and Norway policy to continue to hunt certain whale species in contravention of a 1986 IWC moratorium against whaling.

ROLDA encourages the establishment of additional International Whaling Commission whale sanctuaries and supports those countries wishing to establish them. New sanctuaries can continue to help the great whales recover from centuries of over-hunting.

ROLDA supports continued New Zealand and Australian efforts to integrate the existing network of sanctuaries via a South Pacific Whale Sanctuary.

ROLDA strongly supports a Brazilian and Argentinean proposal to establish a sanctuary in the South Atlantic.

What YOU can DO?

Sign our petition addressed to “Whales Nations” against whaling!