31 May

Rescue dogs

There’s still time to give a Gift of Hope. ROLDA is the charity that needs the most your help. (BERIT, volunteer from Norway)

ROLDA rescues dogs from abuse and slaughter every day!!!

Every day a homeless/abandoned dog in Romania dies from:
Starvation, illness, injury, poison, abuse, trauma, shock, neglect, torture, cruelty and extreme weather conditions.

And while these poor dogs suffer on the streets and await death, they are being hunted by the government to be thrown in filthy public shelters and eventually killed.

Local pound
photo: local public pound.


Because there are 2.5 million homeless/abandoned dogs in Romania, and they have been labeled dangerous and inconvenient.
ROLDA needs your help to strengthen its dog rescue efforts!

Without us these helpless dogs have no one to care or help them.

ROLDA is the only humane animal shelter in Romania that provides quality care for all the animals it rescues.
We ask for support from foreign countries such as Australia because most Romanian citizens cannot afford to help us or own pets. The average income here is 200 EUR per month!

Please visit us at rolda.org.au to learn more about Romanian homeless/abandoned dogs and how you can help save them.

With your generous aid, ROLDA can:
• Increase the number of rescues and sterilizations;
• Offer medical assistance to dogs outside our shelters when we are at capacity;
Expand our shelters to increase our capacity from 700 dogs.

These improvements are only possible with your help. Without your support, more dogs will die or be slaughtered on the streets or public shelters than we can save.
Go to this webpage and help ROLDA rescue more dogs from death.

Remember, your donation will help ROLDA strengthen its rescue efforts in a time where homeless/abandoned dogs are being hunted and killed by the government.
Your donation will also help boost our sterilization campaigns so we can reduce the number of puppies born on the streets.
And your donation will also help ROLDA expand its shelters so that more dogs can be saved from senseless death.

Click here to make securely a donation online

To learn more about where your donations are going, please visit us at rolda.org/strategy.
When you support ROLDA, you are joining us in our dog rescue mission, and we promise you will feel good about your decision.

P.S. Just a reminder to tell your friends and family about ROLDA. We are just one small shelter in Romania trying to make a difference, so we need all the support we can get. Thank you!